School History

A Brief History

  • Scoil Náisiúnta Naomh Ceitheach is the official name of our school.
  • It is not in Runnamoat, but in the townland of Lisnalegan.
  • Saint Patrick appointed Naomh Ceitheach to continue preaching in Oran.
  • It is believed Bishop Cethegus is buried in Oran graveyard.

School Names

  • Ryunymede, Runamede, Rhunmede and Runnamede (1832-1860)
  • Runnymede (1861)
  • Runnemede (1862)
  • Runamoat (1863)
  • Runnamoat (1878)
  • Runnamoate (1892)
  • Runnemote (1895), Runnemote also appears
  • Runnamoat (1895)
  • Roinn-A-Mhóta (1930)
  • Naomh Ceitheach (1931)
  • Scoil Náisiúnta Roinn-A-Mhóta 1929 appears on the school plaque.
  • There are 14 variations.


  • Roinn-A-Mhóta means “Division of the Moat”.
  • This means: The Division of the Demesne in Runnamede, which included Runnamede House and a large wood.

The New School: 1930-1964

  • The school was built in the townland of Lisnalegan, on a one-acre site.
  • It had two rooms with a wooden divide.
  • There were two entrances, one for each teacher and their class.
  • Miss Bridie Clabby (R.I.P.) taught Junior and Infant Classes.
  • Mrs. Gertrude Naughton (R.I.P.) taught the Senior Classes.
  • Both rooms had open fires.
  • The main fuel used was turf.
  • 30 two-seater desks were used.
  • At the back of the school there was a dividing wall from the schoolhouse to the toilets at the back ditch.
  • There was a boys’ urinal – but no flush.
  • There were about six toilets – 4 for the girls.
  • During free time boys and girls played separately.

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